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Web Design

Need a new website or considering an update of your current website? Wordpress is a great option for getting a website up and running but I also have experience with various other platforms and I'm definitely not afraid of a new challenge. Complete the project planner to get the ball rolling.

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Website or app requirements a bit more complicated? I also provide custom web development (programming) services. Complete the project planner and I will get back to you with an cost effective solution.

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Social Media

Is your social media presence non-existent or falling short of your customers' expectations? Running a one (wo)man show and simply don't always have the time? I can help, from setting up social media accounts and managing campaigns to integrating social media into your website.

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About Sam & me

First things first, my name is not actually Sam! But who is Sam? She is one happy dog, living a life that will make many a dog green with envy, spending her days driving all over the South African countryside, exploring farms and game reserves along with her best dog-friend, Delco and their human-mother, a wildlife veterinarian.

Sam used to be our dog, but we were lucky to find her the best new home one could possibly ask for when we moved abroad for a few years. So happy was Sam with her new life, that we could not bear tearing her away from her new family when we moved back to South Africa.

Sam is still a happy dog, and after returning from abroad and raising a few wild toddlers, I decided to restart my freelance web development business in honour of our first, happy dog-child.

Oh, and by the way, my name is Marie. Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your project. I am happy to help!

Recent work

  • SAS Rugby

    Wordpress website, custom development & social media integration.

  • Dries du Toit Consult

    COMING SOON! Wordpress website, theme customisation, custom development

  • C Vet

    COMING SOON! Wordpress website, theme customisation

  • Happy like Sam ;)

    Rebranding, theme customisation, new Wordpress website.