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Ready to discuss your project? Please complete the Happy like Sam Project Planner to give me a better understanding of your requirements or contact me with questions or enquiries or to request a call-back.

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Why such a long form?

To provide an accurate cost estimate I need as much info as possible. Don't worry about filling out the whole form if you are unsure - just complete as much as you can and I will take it from there.

Project Planner

Section 1: Contact Details

Section 2: Project Info

Please share details about your project timeframe. Do you have a specific deadline or are you still in the planning phase?
Please provide links to any existing websites or social media accounts relevant to the project.
Please provide a brief overview of your likes and dislikes. This can include specific websites, colours, social media accounts, logos and apps. Is there a specific look & feel that you prefer (i.e. clean and modern, feminine, vector illustrations etc.)?
Please list your competitors. What is the competitive advantage of your product or service?

Section 3: Web Consultation / Audit

Happy like Sam will complete a detailed report assessing the online requirements of your business and make recommendations on how to proceed. Cost estimates will also be included. If you wish to proceed with the project, the cost of this consultation/audit will be deducted from your overall project cost.*
Please share any further relevant info about your requirements.

Section 4: Web Design / Development

What are themes & templates?

A great way to keep initial project costs down is to use a pre-designed theme or template. A template is basically a design for a website which still needs to be coded, whereas themes come ready-to-install on systems like WordPress. There are many marketplaces selling themes and templates which can be modified to fit your brand.

ThemeForest is Happy like Sam's preferred marketplace, especially for WordPress themes. The Happy like Sam site itself was built with this ThemeForest template! ;)

If you are new to this whole website thing and not sure what you want, a great starting point is to browse the themes on ThemeForest to get a better idea of current trends - even if you decide to go the custom web design route from the start.

Website Structure

Please indicate the website pages that you require. You can add, remove and reorder pages from the list below. Don't worry if you are unsure, this list will not necesarily reflect your final website! ;)

Further comments regarding the structure? Had something else in mind? Please (over)share!
What content do I need?

A website's content includes text, photos and illustrative images. You will most likely provide the relevant text but if you are unsure what to write or how to best convince your potential, online customers, a professional copywriter could be a good idea.

Photos and images create impact and catch a potential client's attention. High quality, professional photographs are a necessity. But remember, using photos from the internet without the copyright holder's consent is illegal. If you do not currently have the budget for a professional photographer, there are many online stock photography marketplaces where you will most definitely find what you are looking for.

Happy like Sam recommends Depositphotos and iStock - which I often use.

Happy like Sam will be happy to source any relevant stock photography and images on your behalf.

How often will your site be updated? It is important to periodically update a website to stay relevant and ensure your site visitors are not left frustrated with outdated information.
* If your current hosting package is not adequate for the project, Happy like Sam will advise on more suitable options. If you are unsure, please consult with me before signing up with a host - I will provide an honest opinion.
Please share any further info relevant to this project.

Section 5: Social Media

Current Social Media Accounts

If you do not have your own photos or images, Happy like Sam can source these on your behalf from stock photography and illustration marketplaces.

Depositphotos and iStock are my preferred marketplaces for stock images and comes highly recommended.

Please share any further info relevant to your Social Media requirements.

Section 6: List your Business on Google

Google Business allows your company to be listed on Google Maps. This allows your business to be easily found when potential customers search for products or services in your area. The registration process is quite a hassle though and having been through the process myself (learning a few lessons along the way), Happy like Sam will be happy to take this weight off your shoulders..

Well done, you have made Sam happy!

Good job on getting this far. ;) A complete Project Planner will really help me to gain a clear understanding of your requirements and allow me to produce a realistic cost estimate.

Thank you for completing the Project Planner! Sam is Happy!